Gain momentum in your business, with less risk.
Abrige improves communication everywhere in your business so that your people and assets can perform at their best.

Our History

For over three decades, Abrige Corp. founder Lori Michele Leavitt has helped leaders make better decisions and execute their strategies through others - employees, customers, suppliers and more.

Most strategies require multiple "right things" to happen over a duration of time that is not easy to pinpoint. Technology can help, when it is the right fit for your organization and situation, and when it supports the alignment of people – and the decisions people make - with those "right things."

Abrige Corp. is all about business vibrancy, which requires both alignment and momentum, and an ability to Pivot. The company offers consulting services, books and other writing, speaking, and software to best support clients. Our software always offers thought leadership to our clients, including from our founder, Lori Michele Leavitt.

Lori was speaking with leaders, especially those in the healthcare industry, when she first identified how software could facilitate organizational shifts and re-alignments. At the time there was an urgent need in the U.S. healthcare industry for privacy and security compliance readiness. This readiness required many people, at many levels in an organization, to alter how they work and communicate. In January 2001 she began putting together a program to move healthcare organizations more swiftly through the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA. Many thousands of users from a variety of healthcare payers, providers, and administrators went through her program, and many subscribed to the software to support and document their readiness. Lori has continued to work with leaders to help them identify their best strategy, prepare the organization brilliant execution, and position for a better future. This often requires an organization-wide re-alignment, and at times re-organization.

Our clients are improving their leadership and management, from anywhere.

The Abrige Corp. Brands:

Aligned Momentum - aligning people with strategy

Pivot from performance management to performance momentum.

Aligned Momentum improves the performance of people at all levels. Our program and software aligns people with your strategic plan by better defining and communicating strategy, measuring performance, evaluating what's working (and what's not), assessing and closing gaps in processes and communication, naturally improving productivity by "seeing" what to stop doing, motivating each person by aligning what they want with the role they are in, and re-aligning each role with your current strategy.

The Pivot Catalyst – catalyzing momentum for leaders and their teams

Re-ignite momentum! Engage, Align, Pivot. No more surprises.

Lori and her team will guide you through the strategic challenges that slow momentum; You'll get back on track, or better! An engagement begins with group assessment and/or individual coaching sessions. We'll uncover priorities and create a plan to move through, around or away from what is slowing momentum or pulling the business off-track.

We also offer the 10x! business and leadership private peer groups

Abrige Media – including The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum

About The Pivot: Good leaders anticipate; poor leaders react. Great leaders orchestrate change to generate extraordinary momentum, and to never stall. This book serves you, the leader, in better orchestrating change and achieving momentum for your business, while creating a great workplace